Yvonne – ANZA Wandering Yogini

Yvonne helps us out, occasionally guiding Friday Yin and Saturday Hatha yoga practice at the Botanic Gardens.

Yvonne’s passion in life is to share her love for yoga and mindfulness practices. She also loves freediving and cats (she finds yoga and mindfulness in both), but won’t hold it against you if you don’t want to hold your breath for more than 2 minutes or are allergic to cats. Yvonne has been teaching yoga for more than 6 years. The styles include Hatha, Hot yoga, Yin Yoga, pre natal yoga, Ashtanga (Primary Series), Shadow and Iyengar.

Yvonne and Yin

Yin Yoga at the Botanic Gardens with Yvonne.

Why am I a yogini?

Well I’m not entirely sure I’m a yogini (yet) but I’m certainly an aspiring one! With over a decade of practicing experience, my yoga journey started from wanting to lose weight after too much gallivanting and to de-stress from my corporate job plus 2 tiny tykes back then. Eventually cute toddlers became not-so-cute teenagers (gasp) and I became a yoga and mindfulness teacher. I now find yoga as a way of life: a sound body, mind and heart balance and to deepen our reunion with life.

Teaching Style?

In addition to sharing my passion for yoga poses for anyone new to the wonder of yoga, I’m also into anatomy and alignment, TCM and Qi Gong, shamatha and vipassana (concentration & insight). I like to bring these mindful elements into the classes if you are up for it!

Happy Yinsters 2.JPG

Some of the ANZA Yogis finishing up at a yin class in the Singapore Botanic Gardens –  Yvonne is at the front.