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The view from our yoga ‘studio’.

So you want to practice with the WanderingYogis?

Been a while since you have been on the mat?  Have some injuries?  Not done yoga before? Thinking of switching yoga venue?

We think you will love the ANZA WanderingYogi group… here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear when you are deciding where to practice your yoga.


What’s the style of yoga?

Hatha, Yin, Universal, and a bit of Vinyasa,  we have four styles we ‘steal’ from, to build our sequences that make the most of the universal energy we connect with when we practice outdoors.  To find out more about our class styles, click here..

We do have two different types of Yin, one being more restorative and the other being closer to its Daoist origins,  read this article if you are curious. Universal is different again, focussing on working both upper and lower body equally, ensuring energy  is moved up and down, across the body from fingertips to toes, head to toes.

Classes best suit beginner to intermediate yogis – no head or handstands, but there are many inversions which give you the same life changing effect. Our teachers are brilliant at offering options to suit where you are right on that day.

Shoulderstand in BG

WanderingYogis in shoulder stand in one of our Saturday hatha classes  – a shoulder stand is one of the inversions that we practice.

Groups are small compared to  ‘brick’ yoga studios –  gives you time to get to know us, and the other yogis, better.   You get personal attention once you have been for a few classes (we need to check out your structure and alignment before we feel Ok to suggest any adjustments)  Giving you a better yoga, and a better life, we feel.

Each class is between 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes.  Yoga, breathing, strength and stretching. Themes hold each season together, and each week we explore a yogi topic.


This is Lee, founding ANZA WanderingYogi at the Botanic Gardens.

The teachers are spectacular. As the original founder, I like to think the yoginis are a powerful tribe of ‘wounded’ healers – real bodies, real people, united by a common desire to show just how life changing yoga can be.

Lee is the major yogini at Botanic Gardens, with Yvonne and Dee also regulars on the teaching schedule.

Karma Yoga

WanderingYogis season is full of karma yoga – about 45% of your class fee goes every season to different causes.  In 2016, we gave to Riverkids, Melrose Home and Dressed for Success, an organisation that helps women regain their confidence and power back in the workforce.  In 2017, we continue this tradition and will be providing financial and yoga support to Babes

We also assist the social workers from the Transnational Workers Count Too through free access to our yoga all season.

How fit do I need to be?


ANZA WanderingYogis, in our ‘tween season’ yoga classes doing standing one leg head to knee – look at how different we all are, and the many perfectly acceptable combinations for this asana.

If you haven’t practiced much in a while, expect to feel a little stiff after each practice, it will pass. Yoga gets you fit in ways far more physical, too. Changes happen to body, mind and feelings with regular yoga.  Here are some (unasked for) quotes from our yogis:

Feeling fabulous again after amazing yin class”
“Feeling like I can climb a mountain”                              “I don’t think people realise just how great this yoga is”

If you have any injuries, recent or past, blood pressure issues, diabetes or any other illness, that you think might limit you, let us know privately before your first practice or on the day.

If you have had any recent bone, spine, tendon or muscle operations or serious injuries, heart attack, or chemotherapy, you will need your doctor’s approval to do yoga (any activity really). And you must let us know please.

Yin and Pigeon

WanderingYogis practicing their Sleeping Swan at Yin Yay day in the Botanic Gardens – that’s Friday.

class card mock up WY

Do you have classes every week? How much?

We’re a bit different to other yoga ‘studios’, not just because we practice outdoors.  We have seasons, between 8 – 10 weeks in length, usually a 2 week break in between.

You buy a season pass online from ANZA or you can pay drop in class fees.  Drop in rate is $25 if you are an ANZA member, and $28 if you are not.  We do not offer free trials – why?  Because we believe our yoginis (teachers) have valuable skills, and we pay them a reasonable rate, regardless whether there are 2 or 10 in the class.

Rain Hail or Haze

Rain, hail and haze? We have a rain and pollution policy, which in short says we let you know via the WanderingYogi whatsapp if we cannot practice. We tend to make the call about an hour before the class, to help yogis who have to travel a fair way (we have quite a few who do not live in the immediate area of either of our yoga ‘studios’ – that’s commitment for you).

We have a large tarpaulins (plastic mat) so if the ground is really soggy, you have protection for your yoga mat.  We can also run for cover at the Botanic Gardens at a nearby pergola, and sometimes we just continue, if it is only a drizzle.


At the Botanic Gardens, we take cover at a pergola nearby – some of us practicing on a very wet morning.

Where are we?

Singapore Botanic Gardens @ECO LAKE

SBG Map_Final_Comms_3 Aug 204

Entrance is via the Bukit Timah gates (top right hand side of map).  Botanic Gardens MRT is right outside the main gates entrance.  Buses top at the Bukit Timah Gate. Plenty of parking at Melati, Cluny Park Gates, and Cluny Court shopping centre. Look for us near the Eco lake.

East Coast Park @ Parkland Green

What to wear?

3/4 Tights, running shorts, leggings, comfortable top or singlet, preferably not all at once! We are barefoot for our yoga practice.

What else to bring?


WanderingYogi has mats for sale – our yogis swear by them.

Yoga mat –  when you first start out, you may wish to buy a cheap yoga mat. Many places sell them in Singapore – Cold Storage, Mustafa markets, sports stores. Some advice –  choosing a yoga mat is like choosing runners – a poor choice of mat will detract from your experience, skill building, and could injure you.  You pay for what you get. Wanderingyogi has ecofriendly (and stylish) mats for sale, but they are more expensive. We highly recommend buying a quality mat once you know you are in it for more than 3 or 4 sessions.

Towels – one for your mat (you will sweat), and a smaller one if you need to mop your brow while we are working out. Towels are also excellent props for some asanas (postures). We also have highly absorbent and travel friendly microfibre towels for sale, too.

Water bottle – larger size preferably 600 ml or more. This is a hot country, and we are practicing outdoors.

Apply sunscreen and insect repellent, if you are sensitive to sun and bugs. Wear a hat, better than sunglasses (which have an annoying tendency to fall off your nose in down dog). We tend to practice where there is shade, but you are outside.

There are toilets but they are not near, so go before you come LOL.

Where do I sign up?

Buy a season class pack by clicking here… and we will see you on the mat soon!


Namaste and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Contact us…

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