WanderingYogi Rain and Pollution Policy

We are a tough lot, us Wandering Yogis.  But it helps to have a plan in place, when we experience rain or haze – the two most common ways that ANZA WanderingYogi practice is cancelled.

dark clouds before raining over the sea in ThailandRain and Thunder Policy

It rains a lot in Singapore.  We would never do any yoga, if we thought it might rain. Our goal is to keep on doing yoga, a little rain never hurt anyone.  And it also thunders a lot (with lightning). We are lucky we practice early in the morning, as generally most storms hit in the afternoon.  However, sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, and we will get morning storms.

Here is how we operate:

  1. If it is raining/thundering/lightning in the morning before practice is scheduled, the teacher checks the weather in the area where we practice – 1 hour before practice is scheduled to start.  They also check the Singapore 2 hour weather forecast. If it is still raining/thundering/lightning at that time, practice is cancelled.  We notify you all via our Whatsapp group.
  2. If, when we get there, it begins to rain, etc., we head to a rotunda or covered area nearby if we can find the space.

Please note:  if the yogis are up for it, we practice in the rain.  A special experience, but everyone has to agree.  Some of us call this ‘water’ yoga.

Sessions cancelled due to rain are not that life-threatening to your practice – we have other classes in the season program.  Thankfully!

Haze (Pollution) Policy

Aerial PhotoThis is what Indonesia looked before the annual rainforest burn off.  In return for them destroying virgin rainforest to make way for palm oil and tobacco, Singapore gets the additional ‘benefits’ of major air pollution from this burning. Not to mention the smell.

We cop it from Malaysia from time to time too.

Here is how we operate in the event of haze (pollution):

  1. The yoga teacher checks the Singapore Pollution Index 1 hour before each practice (Central Singapore represents Botanic Gardens).   The NEA (National Environment Agency Singapore) Guidelines classify air pollution between 150 – 200 as unhealthy.  They recommend outdoor activity only if surrounded by green foliage.   If the air pollution index reaches 170 in any of our yoga ‘studios’, we cancel practice.
  2. The yoga teacher notifies us via WhatsApp.

And remember: Some of us experience discomfort, suffer asthma or some form of restricted respiration before this level is reached.  Regardless of what the NEA says, if at any time, you feel that you cannot come due to haze, don’t.  Come on another day to practice.

Subject to changes & feedback

As our ANZA yogi community grows, more Wandering Yogis will join us.  Help us to help you – give us feedback via email or WhatsApp on any improvements to this policy.

This policy was updated on 21 May 2018.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Native American saying

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