Tony Chan – ANZA Wanderingyogi Sub

Tony is new to ANZA WanderingYogis, and relatively new to teaching.  He will teach casually throughout our seasons.

Five years on, Tony is still constantly amazed at the depth and variety his yoga journey brings. He finds connection in many places – in practicing Yoga outdoors, in gazing at nature’s beautiful creation, in speaking to another human being heart-to-heart and in sharing his yoga practice with others. Part of the Sivananda lineage and trained in a beautiful beach-side ashram in the Bahamas, Tony is also fascinated by the alignment, sensitivity and awareness Iyengar tradition helps to develop. Expect a learning experience together with Tony as you deepen your practice both physically and spiritually.

Why am I a Yogi?

I realised I was becoming a Yogi when I couldn’t stop talking about Yoga to everyone whether they liked it or not (grins) and decided I needed to reach the next milestone of becoming a Yoga teacher to complete my Yogi transformation process.

Yoga has given me so much – it has given me a new sense of self at a time of some unknown health issue I had five years ago. It has enriched the understanding of my body and given me the opportunity to have a dialogue with my body and mind. Furthermore it now helps me to shape my future and define the purpose of my life. So I guess I’m becoming more and more of a Yogi if not one already.

Teaching Style?

Given my Sivananda training, my focus is on the five points of Yoga as defined in my lineage – proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking as well as meditation. I love the Sivananda style – it’s very holistic and beginner friendly.  The spiritual aspect of Yoga is often overlooked due to its many obvious physical “by-products”(ie benefits), I enjoy sharing my learnings of the complete Yoga philosophy with those interested so don’t be shy to grab me to discuss those questions, meaning of life, one’s spiritual path, Karma, etc.

My ongoing training in Hatha and Iyengar also help me deepen my Asana practice and share new techniques with you, so expect a blend of styles in my class and let’s evolve together!