Laura – ANZA WanderingYogi Helpline

The headline picture is some of the ANZA Wandering yogis looking particularly relaxed after a session with Laura.

Laura jumps in when our regular teachers of Lee, Yvonne, Dee and Ed cannot guide practice. She has her own personal yoga studio offering drop in yoga classes.  Lee also works with Laura to provide weekly meditation classes for those interested in a place of peace and safety.

Why am I a yogini?

I began my yoga journey in January 2000 as a way to alleviate stress from a strenuous science-based degree program. Over the years my practice evolved into a companion that saw me through times of great personal challenge, injury and a pregnancy.

After a 2009 corporate layoff/redundancy/retrenchment, I took the plunge and completed a 200 hour teacher training at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja California. Since then I have taught in the US, the UK and Singapore.

When my body reminds me that I can’t brute force my way through life, I turn to my mat to find both softness and strength.

Teaching Style?

Previous time spent in the corporate world allows me to relate to many of my students’ day to day challenges. My science and engineering background helps me understand the profound mechanical components of the body. Meanwhile, meditation and somatics teach me that not everything needs to be defined.

My style is a slow aligned flow complemented by restorative experiences to allow space for both a physical and meditative practice. Since arriving in Singapore, I have also supported many women as they prepare to expand their families through prenatal yoga.

Classes are tailored to individual and group needs with a focus on physical asana, philosophy and breathwork.