Ed – ANZA WanderingYogi

Ed teaches either Hatha or our Power yoga class. As the first of our male teachers, we truly appreciate the energy he brings to our Saturday Everyday Hatha practice, where he is a regular feature.

Ed ANZA's newest yoga teacher

Ed’s been a keen practitioner of yoga for 6 years. He started with Bikram, and came to love the sense of peace and accomplishment from that intense 90 minutes of hot hatha based yoga. After moving to Singapore 4 years ago, Ed started to explore other styles of yoga and soon discovered he had an equal passion for yin yoga as much as for the ‘Broga’ (about as yang as yoga can get!).

Ed is married to Emma, and together, they have a 4 year old boy, Freddy, who is completely gorgeous. With another on the way.

Why am I a yogini?

I became a yogini as part of a move in my life away from corporate to a more holistic lifestyle. Having qualified to teach yoga, I am now training to become a lifestyle coach as well as hypnotherapist.  I look forward to the day when I can open my own therapeutic practice incorporating all three.

Teaching Style?

I teach a variety to styles ranging from yin to more dynamic hatha and strength-based vinyasa.  I still love gym work and pumping weights, and believe in the positive benefits of good old strength work, which I incorporate in my classes, when the group allows.

 “I find yoga the perfect complement to gym work – stretching out the muscles, speeding up recovery time, and developing a strong but lean physique” Ed