Holiday in Cambodia

We are in Cambodia, the country with quite possibly the most public holidays of any nation in the world, 28 of them, for a long weekend in March 2018, on a yoga escapade with 5 other yogis and their partners. This is the hottest time of year in Cambodia with temperatures reaching as high as 40 … Continue reading Holiday in Cambodia

I can see clearly now – WOOD

When our wood element is in balance, we can find our way forward in whatever way is possible.

Hands on, Hands off – Moving between Aha and Uh-Uh – Workshop

Moving a student to their Ah-Ah moment is a life affirming experience for yoga teachers. But it can so easily go to Uh-Uh. This is a workshop for those in the alternative fitness area who love to help

Plumbing our Depths – WATER

Fear and our water element are intimately connected. Read how we can better balance our water element and manage our fear.

True to our Purpose – EARTH

The balance between stability and accepting change, giving and receiving, these are the gifts our earth element gives us.


Get up walk around. Time to quit the sit before it slowly kills you.

Learning to let go – METAL

Learning to let go is easy to say, hard to do. Helping balance your metal element will give you the strength to keep that which you need, and let go that which no longer serves you.

Kombucha Kulture

Kombucha - from backyard brewing to international trendy beverage, find out why the WanderingYogi swears by it as a replacement for that mimosa... Just opened a bottle of my Tarmonic kombucha. Unfortunately, I may have overestimated time for fermentation, and the kitchen is covered in sticky fermented tea, with the slight smell of apple and … Continue reading Kombucha Kulture


Oh no, a yogi who knows their numbers.  I had to start analysing trends in our yoga - we are two years old (I have wanted to do it before now, but have resisted the desire, one way of me practicing aparigraha, the letting go of my past work life). The questions we get around … Continue reading LET THE NUMBERS SPEAK – OUR ANZA WANDERINGYOGI STATS