True to our Purpose – EARTH

The balance between stability and accepting change, giving and receiving, these are the gifts our earth element gives us.

Learning to let go – METAL

Learning to let go is easy to say, hard to do. Helping balance your metal element will give you the strength to keep that which you need, and let go that which no longer serves you.

Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

I tend to leave this yama alone. It has such a bad rap. The fourth of the Yamas, Brahmacharya is often translated as ‘celibacy’ or ‘chastity’, which doesn’t always make for a very popular yama. In yogic tradition, ‘Brahmacharya’ is meant to encourage those involved in the practice of yoga to conserve their sexual energy, … Continue reading Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

Every breath you take…

Learning to breathe mindfully is just one of the many benefits of yoga. We inhale and exhale about 20,000 times a day...