What makes a successful meditator? Interestingly, you find the traits in a successful meditation practice itself.


The meditation path is wide and deep. How to get the most from your meditation practice means being wise to who you really are..

Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

I tend to leave this yama alone. It has such a bad rap. The fourth of the Yamas, Brahmacharya is often translated as ‘celibacy’ or ‘chastity’, which doesn’t always make for a very popular yama. In yogic tradition, ‘Brahmacharya’ is meant to encourage those involved in the practice of yoga to conserve their sexual energy, … Continue reading Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

Ahimsa – practicing harmlessness on yourself

Ahimsa - 'Non-harmfulness (harmlessness). To not wish harm to any living creature — not even to any lifeless object.' The Hindu mystic Patanjali wrote a scripture called the Yoga Sutras, where he outlines yamas (restraints, or what one should not do) and niyamas (observances, or what one should do). Ahimsa is the first of the yamas, often considered … Continue reading Ahimsa – practicing harmlessness on yourself

The Urban Monk – Meditation Workshops

Learning to meditate is like learning to cook. While the outcome may be way more life changing, you still need a good set of basics...

Every Breath you take Part 2 – Kumbhaka

The turtle cannot be completely wrong - CO2 can be good for you - the benefits of Kumbhaka.

Om is the sound, mantra has the meaning…

I was in Dharmashala almost one year ago to the day, and went to visit the Gyoto Monks. For three hours every day, apprentice monks gather inside and outside the major temple, and begin mantra chanting. Each person had their own special mantra, which they would chant for 3 hours. Every so often, a senior … Continue reading Om is the sound, mantra has the meaning…

How many padme hums?

What one 7-year-old said to me, as we were practicing meditation. Meditating 10 – 15 minutes twice a day adds years to your life, heals many ills, and keeps us focused and happy. Regular meditation is one of our very public ‘secrets’. Ask anyone who does it regularly and they will tell you how much … Continue reading How many padme hums?