Laura – ANZA WanderingYogi Helpline

The headline picture is some of the ANZA Wandering yogis looking particularly relaxed after a session with Laura. Laura jumps in when our regular teachers of Lee, Yvonne, Dee and Ed cannot guide practice. She has her own personal yoga studio offering drop in yoga classes.  Lee also works with Laura to provide weekly meditation … Continue reading Laura – ANZA WanderingYogi Helpline

Ed – ANZA WanderingYogi

Ed is the ANZA WanderingYogis newest teacher. Check his classes out on Saturday with our Everyday Hatha practice.

Dee – ANZA WanderingYogini

Dee is another regular teacher with the ANZA WanderingYogis. Come along and find out why..

Yvonne – ANZA Wandering Yogini

Yummy Yvonne, one of the regular ANZA WanderingYogi teachers. Speciality - peace, yoga practice - hath and yin.

The Urban Monk – Meditation Workshops

Learning to meditate is like learning to cook. While the outcome may be way more life changing, you still need a good set of basics...

Where are we? How much?

ANZA WanderingYoga 5 class times a week. Join our yoga group in the beautiful outdoors and find out why it feels so good to practice yoga in fresh air and chi!


The ANZA WanderingYogi teaching crew has grown - it is a lovely reflection of the ANZA community in Singapore.