Lee – the Original WanderingYogi

Who am I?

A yogi whose mat sits next to doc martens, jimmy choos and diving gear. A still learning Buddhist who lives with the karmic blowback from occasional eating of prawns.  I believe eating meat is very bad karma, not to mention loads of decaying energy going inside you, so I worry about you, OK?

I am not that keen on the GMO agricultural monoliths,  either and in Singapore it is really hard to find plants that haven’t been radiated to get rid of bugs. Sigh…

I was born on the most beautiful island in the world, Australia, but have not lived there for many years.  I practice my yoga wherever I wander, on a beach, up a mountain, by a lake, in a hotel room, on a rooftop in any country at any time.  The world has become my yoga studio. And my meditation seat.

I meditate, and have practiced for 20 years, but sometimes I am not always peaceful for it.  I have explored many different styles of meditation, to keep me on my path, and I do think it has helped me become a much better person, not to mention lots wiser. But, I do wonder if all of life’s answers are always revealed there. I think you have to get out and do other stuff, like practice asanas, walk or ride a bike.

I like wine, but only drink if it doesn’t get in the road of my meditation and yoga practice.  This means I don’t really drink much at all.  I don’t miss it. There’s a party inside all of us, you just have to buy the ticket, folks!!


This is yin, every Friday – Singapore Botanic Gardens@Eco-Lake, sometimes I guide, the class, sometimes, Yvonne or Dee guides the class.

What kind of yoga do I teach?

I teach Hatha, Yin and Restorative. I teach outdoor yoga practice, as part of the ANZA WanderingYogi community.  Outdoor yoga is like going on your own personal yoga retreat every time you practice. All that nature, earth and air chi. I have taught yoga a couple of times a week as part of a corporate health and living strategy. But I think yoga really comes into its own, when you go outdoors.  When I teach in a yoga studio, the yoga is hot, because…..

The yoga I honour

I have faithfully followed Bikram yoga for 18 years.  It saved my life, and continues to save me. There is something very special about this yoga, so I pay homage to the Bishnu Ghosh yoga lineage in all the classes I teach.

We all have issues in the tissues, unless you are a monk (I have a sneaking suspicion they have them, too).  I think I am pretty good at picking these up, and giving options for asanas to suit your special requirements. As are the rest of the WanderingYoginis, who you can read about else where here.

I am a Yoga Alliance member and more information on me can be found at https://www.yogaalliance.org/TeacherPublicProfile?tid=116088


Golden Seed, part of the Yin/Yang flow I teach at the Botanic Gardens, every Monday at 8.30 am


Truth?  I practice yoga because I like to meditate.  And unless you do full spectrum body movement (like yoga), your body gives you loads of grief when meditating.  My starting spiritual path was and is Buddhism, but you cannot ignore the practices from our friends in India, or those of our Daoist brothers and sisters.  I have travelled and sat at the feet of many gurus, to learn and to listen to their experience.  To practice what they follow, and then to decide for myself how these practices can be integrated for the underlying benefit of meditation – which is enlightenment. Freeing of our soul to become the best we can be, right here and right now, not later on when I have no conscious idea of being.

And when I was called to teach this blend, I ignored it for a while, as I thought I did not have enough credentials.  Truth?  It is not who you learn with, or what you learn, it is how you practice, and continue to practice meditation.  Faith, diligence, mindfulness, insight and concentration.

My motto is….

Life is both happy and unhappy,  we have our feelings, enjoy all of them, even the sad ones.  Best not let our feelings ‘own’ or define us though. I hope I pick up some wisdom along the way.

I pursue my beliefs not through either indulgence or denial, but stepping (hopefully) wisely and compassionately up the middle.  And occasionally stumbling. Stumbling confirms I still have lessons to learn, and will continue to learn them.  I am still learning to forgive, the greatest learning of them all.


My most favourite pose – trikonasana with bended knee.

Before Wandering Yogi…..

I had a multitude of roles in my life.  Some of them I still have, like wife, mother for my daughter, writer, adventurer, loyal friend.  Others gave me a legacy of experience and knowledge which still informs me today. Economist, HR Director, OD/Change, Management Consultant,  Leadership expert, CEO advisor, entrepreneur, are some of the few.  My first paid job at 15 years old was a typist in a government typing pool (when there were manual typewriters), and my last job was as a change consultant driving a multi site, multi everything team to implement project management accounting standards and operating protocols in a huge ‘super’ agency for Australian Government (which made me wish I was still a typist in a typing pool).

The future is waiting….

My goal is to simply share what I know with those who are ready to learn – in yoga, in meditation.  Somewhere along the way, I hope to make a difference.