Jen – Wanderingyogini

Jen is our newest addition to the ANZA Wanderingyogi teacher family. You will see her on regular roster throughout the season.

Interview with a yogini – Amy

There's something about the ANZA WanderingYogi practice. Ask Amy, who was there on the first day..

Interview with a yogi – Katia

Everyday people, our yogis have taken all the benefits of their practice into their lives, read how and why...

Everyday Yoga, Everyday People…

Real people do yoga. And feel every pose...

Interview with a yogi – Andrena

Andy is one of the more 'rascally' members of the ANZA WanderingYogi community. But one very committed Yin Yogi. Read her story and see why everyone is a yogi.

Interview with a Yogi – Lyn Fielding

Lyn Fielding is a mother of 3 now very grown up children, wife to one wayward husband, has a science degree in marine biology, was former systems administrator (now happily retired), and is currently one of ANZA’s registrars for the regular tours it offers members. Lyn has been a regular ANZA WanderingYogi since the first … Continue reading Interview with a Yogi – Lyn Fielding