Interview with a yogini – Amy

There's something about the ANZA WanderingYogi practice. Ask Amy, who was there on the first day..

Interview with a yogi – Katia

Everyday people, our yogis have taken all the benefits of their practice into their lives, read how and why...

Interview with a yogi – Andrena

Andy is one of the more 'rascally' members of the ANZA WanderingYogi community. But one very committed Yin Yogi. Read her story and see why everyone is a yogi.

Interview with a Yogi – Lyn Fielding

Lyn Fielding is a mother of 3 now very grown up children, wife to one wayward husband, has a science degree in marine biology, was former systems administrator (now happily retired), and is currently one of ANZA’s registrars for the regular tours it offers members. Lyn has been a regular ANZA WanderingYogi since the first … Continue reading Interview with a Yogi – Lyn Fielding