Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

I tend to leave this yama alone. It has such a bad rap. The fourth of the Yamas, Brahmacharya is often translated as ‘celibacy’ or ‘chastity’, which doesn’t always make for a very popular yama. In yogic tradition, ‘Brahmacharya’ is meant to encourage those involved in the practice of yoga to conserve their sexual energy, … Continue reading Manage your energy – Brahmacharya

Ahimsa – practicing harmlessness on yourself

Ahimsa - 'Non-harmfulness (harmlessness). To not wish harm to any living creature — not even to any lifeless object.' The Hindu mystic Patanjali wrote a scripture called the Yoga Sutras, where he outlines yamas (restraints, or what one should not do) and niyamas (observances, or what one should do). Ahimsa is the first of the yamas, often considered … Continue reading Ahimsa – practicing harmlessness on yourself

Aparigraha – learning to be is part of the letting go

Aparigraha is one of the central values in yoga. Learning to let go is the path to wisdom, and here are some suggestions..

Satya & Meditation

The Urban Monk Workshop is a 4 week workshop guided by the WanderingYogi on how to meditate. Using breath, with a bit of a tap dance around other important stuff, like diet, clean living, and a healthy mindset. Held about 3 times a year, for four weeks for 1 hour each sessions, all wanna be Urban … Continue reading Satya & Meditation

In the pursuit of happiness…

Happiness - 6 things you may not be aware of in building, keeping and passing on happiness.

Keeping up with the Tans

What happens when the 5Cs, as they are known in Singapore, are not enough?

Satya – this truth does set you free

Truth has become an increasingly scarce commodity. What is your truth and how do you say it in the world?


Smashing a red Sherrin ball into the ground to start a match is AFL. How does the game and ahimsa work together?

Riverkids and the ANZA WanderingYogis

Riverkids is one of those projects where change is always in the air...