I can see clearly now – WOOD

When our wood element is in balance, we can find our way forward in whatever way is possible.

Gut Instinct

Centuries of social etiquette and rules have made us more civil.  But we may have sacrificed our ‘gut instinct’ in the process. Here’s how to get it back. “I knew there was something wrong!” Ever had this experience? Most of us have - this sense of knowing before we ‘know’ – you hesitate at a green light … Continue reading Gut Instinct

True to our Purpose – EARTH

The balance between stability and accepting change, giving and receiving, these are the gifts our earth element gives us.

Learning to let go – METAL

Learning to let go is easy to say, hard to do. Helping balance your metal element will give you the strength to keep that which you need, and let go that which no longer serves you.

Not a Man’s World

The reasons why men don't seem to 'like' yoga, what they really mean, and what can we do to help...

Natural Born Flu Killers

Even though Singapore has warm weather all year round, we still have flu seasons. I was recently struck by a flu that also took down large parts of the ANZA community. I never get sick. That’s my storyline. Ask my friends – there they are coughing sniffling, feeling awful in the middle of that dreadful … Continue reading Natural Born Flu Killers

The Rise of the Maya Kosha Makers

Everydayyogis are changing the way we design our yoga retreats. Read how and why.

Interview with a yogi – Katia

Everyday people, our yogis have taken all the benefits of their practice into their lives, read how and why...


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