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Seen any inspirational sayings today? If you are on any social media, you know what I mean. Did you post or did one of your friends post something to give us all a bit of get up and go for a Monday morning (or even Tuesday)? Everyone has a friend who posts Inspirational sayings. That’s me – you know, THAT friend.

Here is your daily dose from me right now:

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” Rumi

“If your compassion does not include yourself, then it is incomplete” Buddha

“It’s not about touching your toes, it’s about the journey on the way down….”  – you get the drift.

Buddha smile breathe and go slowly

This is one of my all time favourite inspirational sayings – ask my yogis.

I see your eyes are rolling. But they are all goodies, right? They deliver the same basic life-affirming message which is: ‘you are great, you can do it, you are unique, wonderful.” Which, BTW, you are (and I don’t even know you who are reading this).

While many people’s eyes glaze over at inspirational sayings, I am taking notes. I read every single one, giving them the thoughtful consideration of no one ever.

I want Inspirational Sayings to tell me the same thing over and over, every 30 seconds and I want to always believe them, every single time.

You can probably get the same reassurance from therapy, but I did that for 5 years of my life and I’m totally cured.


Too right – sometimes mine chatters  like a chimpanzee who has been awake for 2 days, drinking coffee and red bull. Thanks for the reminder, whoever thought this one up.

Some sayings are from genuinely smart people, like this one from Dr. Seuss:  “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Zebra at sunset in the Serengeti National Park. Africa. Tanzania.

“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”

How true, you’d expect nothing less from Dr. Seuss. He’s a doctor, after all.  And a funny one, too, so I am going to keep using his stuff.

How about this one, from Einstein: “a person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” You can’t argue with that.  My life is full of trying new stuff, and I spend hours amusing myself with how things turn out.

Who’s smarter than Einstein? Not me. Not you, either. But since I am so positive, you may just be smarter than him, and good on you.

One of my favourites: “some people in life are blessings, others come as lessons.” Yes, of course. While we are on the learning theme…

“Your last mistake is your best teacher”. See, it’s ok to make mistakes.

You’re just hiring teachers. I have made so many mistakes I could staff an entire international school in Singapore (pick one of the really big ones).

Drop and give me zen

But I have to confess not all Inspirational Sayings speak easily to me. Like this one from Rumi (again): “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”

That’s a little scary. So, when someone yells at me while I am driving, it’s perfectly fine to give them the finger as my spirit becomes excited? Or when my phone rings and it is some marketing dude from India who has no clue what he is meant to be selling, should I just blow him off? He doesn’t excite me at all.

But, if it is Channing Tatum calling – Rumi, I am inspired and I will definitely respond.

Suffice to say, one man’s karmic lightning might be another’s sceptical thunder –but I know there are some that inspire you. Let me know which ones do, OK?

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing

How can you go past this one?

An edited version of this article appeared in the ANZA Singapore Magazine March 2018.




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