Why would you want to be successful at meditation?  Besides all its benefits, that is.

There are the five elements for a successful meditation practice, which are not related to physiology at all.  They are faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration and insight.  

Meditation is not a matter of dropping onto the mat, closing the eyes, taking a few breaths. The process requires repetition, constant attention to the experience, learning from it, feeding this back into your next practice to make you a successful meditator. Because it is the process, and its outcomes, that deliver the outstanding benefits.  


Feel like this sometimes? Meditation can help…

Meditation works beyond the body, into the mind and soul, and you can read about what types of meditation may work best for you here.

Have you often asked yourself why some people seem to be able to meditate better than others?

Are you a good candidate for meditation?

The most successful learner meditators I have taught tend to be committed to the process, regardless of what is happening when they first start meditation. Very outcomes-focussed, determined, often high performance people in something else.  Which is often why they are learning meditation.  They know, in their hearts, it will not only balance them, but improve personal clarity and performance.

Is this you?  Or are you the kind of person that falls out of bed, grabs a cup of instant coffee and turns on the TV?  Most of us would prefer to be that first type, but often fall into the second.

Monday morning again

But there is hope for those us still hanging onto the instant coffee…

Daniel Goldman and Richard Davidson have been studying experienced meditators for years, and their studies have shown time and again, that those who ‘stick’ to meditation, practice consistently, are more likely to realise the deeper meditation benefits.  For those of us still trying, the occasional practice does not harm, (but not as much good as we think either), however it was on one of these such occasions, that this meditator got her first insight into the extraordinary, so you never know.

If you want to know more about the five elements of successful meditation, check out this video from the Zen Buddhist community, known as Plum Village. A dharma talk from Brother Huu, a monk since 14 years of age, and Thich Nhat Hanh personal’s assistant for a decade or more. Click video here

Red Tibetan Buddhists dressed in Dharamsala, India

These guys are smiling for a very good reason…. they live a deeply spiritual life, and they meditate every day!!!  Laotian Monks Big Day Out.

And the following comments from another blogger on what has happened as a result of his meditation practice says it all for me.

“If you’ve ever read the book Bridge to Terabithia (or seen the movie), then you are familiar with Terabithia – an imaginary world that the main characters, Jesse and Leslie, create as a safe haven. It is somewhere they can go to be free from the cares and worries of the world.

Meditation has given me a Terabithia. I have created a clearing of calm and tranquility that I can enter into within seconds whenever I feel the need. I have a refuge no matter where I am or what I am doing. The worries of the world no longer threaten me.

Except this mental place isn’t imaginary, and it isn’t populated with trolls and wild creatures – it is as real as the world we live in.

Since starting my meditation habit, my brain has literally been rewired for happiness, peace and success. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • I rarely become angry.
  • I find happiness in unexpected places.
  • I form deeper relationships and build friendships more easily.”

Wanderingyogi runs regular meditation sanghas and workshops, find the latest one on her Facebook page or go to the website for more information on what’s involved.

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