Yogis’ Big Day Out

Tempat Senang is on one of the islands closest to Singapore, Batam.  Along with Bintan, both islands offer Singapore residents the option of weekend getaways, golfing, spas. In the case of Tempat Senang, the opportunity to do a day spa… in another country was too much of a temptation for the ANZA Wandering Yogis.  This is the story of their Big Day Out..

Tempat Senang is one of a few day spas on the island of Batam. But one that many WanderingYogis keep returning to. Getting to Batam is super simple – just remember your passport. If you book on a weekend for a day spa, you do need to book your ferry ahead of time. They get really, really busy.

The ANZA Wandering yogis went mid week, for their Big Day Out… read on to hear what they have to say…

Getting to Batam


9 Wandering Yogis met early morning at Harbourfront Centre, one was joining later for an afternoon day spa. Tickets and passports in hand, we arrive a graceful 1 hour before the ferry is due to leave (not the two recommended – this may be an international departure, but it ain’t Changi). A short 45 minute boat ride later, and we arrive to the Sekupang terminal, where we are greeted by our driver and taken to our Day Spa.

Tempat Senang has been on the island for a while, and constantly upgrades its facilities and services. As a frequent ‘flyer’ there, I noticed the slight but distinctly better changes to certain spa areas. There were some newbie spa goers amongst us, and the look of awe on their faces as we sat down and began to choose our treatments was a delight.


The Bali Room, one of 14 suites at Tempat Senang

The spa has a number of rooms, and while waiting for them to arrange our therapists, some of us took a little unguided tour of the property. Perfect for a little overnight get away, a romantic place for the healthily inclined. Each of the suites had a well curated set of Indonesian artifacts, TV, radio, and wifi. Some with great views of the surrounding and the stunning golf course across the road.


The Collective Yogi Review – the Big Day Out


I loved Tempat Senang as a location, it has a tranquil and calming atmosphere as soon as you enter. The constant sound of trickling water and the breeze in the trees was lovely. Everything was on different levels and winding paths lead you through beautiful carved doorways into new courtyards with stepping stones over koi carp ponds, this made the treatment rooms seem private and peaceful. I opted for the full day spa.


My favourite treatment of the day was the facial, very relaxing and my skin felt wonderful afterward. They used a type of hydro abrasion which was very good at taking away the dead cells and was totally pain free, there was only a slight suction feeling mixed with the cool water jets. I have sensitive skin and often react to products or treatments which use chemicals but as all the products are 100% natural there was no reddening of my skin. There was also a metal mushroom (ultra-sound!) wand that was smoothed over my skin, I’m not sure what it did but it felt very soothing. The facial was finished off with a serum and moisturiser which locked the moisture into your skin but didn’t feel at all greasy or oily and smelt delicious.

My least delightful treatment was the hair mask. I have very curly, dry hair which is always frizzy in this climate, so went for the avocado moisturising hair mask and I don’t think it really helped at all, I couldn’t notice any difference in the feel or look of my hair. I very much liked being outside for this treatment and would have much preferred to have been left to enjoy the sounds of the garden while the mask was doing its stuff, instead of having my arms and legs massaged again. If I had not been so British and reserved (we don’t like to complain) I could have asserted myself and asked her to stop. The staff are very well trained here and mostly ask if the pressure is OK for you and won’t roam in to sensitive areas without checking with you first.

I also tried the ear candling and for something that sounds so wrong (what, stick a tube of paper in my ear and set fire to it?!) it was very easy and straight forward. The paper cone is twisted in very gently and there is no discomfort at all, a cloth is placed around your ear and the paper cone is held at all times by the therapist so it is safe, and all you hear is a gentle crackling like static on a vinyl record with a gentle breeze in the background. The noise gets slightly louder toward the end but nothing that blocked out the background music in the room. And the treatment certainly yielded results!

What a lovely day – and I’m no longer a day spa novice!!


Here we all are at lunch, the girls dressed are going home, those of us in our gowns are there for the day.. From left to right (Lee, Sara, Fleur, Dee, Marg, Carolyn, Lyn, Jessica, and her mum, Michelle)


What a hidden gem Tempat Senang is – tucked away amongst lush vegetation about 10 minutes drive from Sekupang ferry terminal.  Upon arrival at Tempat Senang we were warmly greeted and welcomed by staff and the process for the day explained. We chose our treatments, and then shown to rooms.

I opted to do the half day spa which included three treatments.  Firstly, I had an Indonesian massage where magic fingers travelled all over the body teasing out any tight areas, encouraging them to release.  Attention to detail was ensured by the masseuse applying the correct pressure and comfort.    I was then escorted to the beautiful outdoors to have a detox head massage.  I blissfully floated ‘somewhere’ as my hair was washed and scalp rigorously massaged whilst listening to the soothing, flowing water sounds in the nearby pool.

Lastly, I was treated with reflexology which seemed to wake up every cell in my feet, and at the same time, I felt myself drifting in and out of  ‘nano’ naps.   To be honest, I could not say that one treatment was better than the other.  I thoroughly enjoyed the body massage and then to have head and foot treatments just enriched the whole body experience.    

If things couldn’t get any better, I enjoyed a delicious lunch, in such a peaceful setting, sharing experiences with relaxed friends. 

I will be back for more!


I came for the ½ day spa, and opted for the Indonesian massage, body scrub and foot reflexology.

The Indonesian massage was firm and flowing, so, for me, in parts not totally relaxing.  I would probably not have this treatment again as it was a bit strong in places and found myself wondering what was coming next.   Because the practitioners own body weight is used it is a little more intense. When finished though I felt my energy had been awakened and that my body had been very lightly overhauled!

My favourite was the foot reflexology treatment which was done outside next to the swimming pool; with the sound of running water creating a lovely ambience.    A very gentle and relaxing foot and leg massage, which ended with a back massage.  This treatment sent me into a very tranquil meditative space (maybe because of the 2 other treatments I don’t know).   If the chair had reclined a little would have been even nicer.

Pick up and return travel very easy.  The staff were all very welcoming and very attentive.  Resort rustic, comfortable and charming.  I got the impression that nothing would be too much trouble and the staff wanted to make the day as enjoyable as they could.  Food was very good and ice cream worth going back for.


The famous reflexology treatment, Lee didn’t even hear the sneaky photographer take this one.


I opted for the full day spa. I had a body wrap, massages (x2), facial, hair treatment, and reflexology. 6 treatments all done as professionally as you would expect from a 5 star spa in Singapore at one-fifth of the price.

My body wrap was the Balinese Boreh – an indonesian speciality and smelt a little like the combination of menthol and tobacco combined, leaving my skin tingling for quite a while after. Great for flus and aches (which I have a few being a yoga teacher).  I love strong massages, so I chose the Indonesian and Balinese massages. Because I teach yoga, I tend to get stress in certain muscle areas, and these massages do the trick for me. I have fine hair, my hair treatment did make my hair feel better, but of all the treatments, this is the one that has the least impact for me.  The facial I chose was the anti-aging, and I was pleased and surprised that they used technology like the hydra-abrasion and the cooling wand.  As one yogi said, “I was expecting to have the mask slapped on and then taken off.”  Not so. Reflexology was super good, and outside, between those now famous nano naps you could listen to the sound of the water, and the sometimes chit chat as the staff went about their work.

Lunch was Indonesian style and are able to cater to most tastes– I am a plant based eater, my request for tofu was missed, and ended up with Balinese fish (a spectacularly fiery dish, and I love spice). Which was a pretty good compromise, taste wise, if not so good for the karma. They do have wine and cakes available (cakes usually ordered in advance).

Tempat Senang is the kind of place where you could stay overnight and just peacefully contemplate your navel, read a good book, have some treatments, maybe play a game of golf (there is a golf course across the road)….

The ride home for the sunset was, as always, spectacular.  A reminder to bring champagne for the next sunset trip.  Just look at those glowing faces.

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