Oh no, a yogi who knows their numbers.  I had to start analysing trends in our yoga – we are two years old (I have wanted to do it before now, but have resisted the desire, one way of me practicing aparigraha, the letting go of my past work life).

The questions we get around our yoga are:  how much is your yoga affected by the weather?  What class would you recommend?


Heavy rain

The view from my window at the moment with the rain in Singapore.

It is all good news –  weather has only a minimal impact on our practice.

Over the past two years, we have lost on average 3 yoga sessions out of average 46 sessions per season due to inclement weather.  Despite Singapore being one of the wettest countries on Earth, on average rain falls every second day here.   (178 days every year, folks!).

6% of our yoga classes are cancelled compared to 46% of all days in the year having rain.

Our last season – August September, we lost 3 days due to rain only.

I also noticed that I was the yogini on duty for 2 of those 3 days in our last season. I think that is purely coincidental.  But I will track it.

Most popular classes


Dragon pose in our most popular class – Friday Yin Yay


Our yogis tell me which are our most popular classes simply by turning up.  This is one way for you to work out which class you may like to do – sometimes it is not about what you think your body can do, but what your spirit needs to do.

In the past two years, we have increased the numbers of classes by 50%.  We have trialled 4 different styles, 3 different times and 2 different locations. We have gone from 1 founding teacher to 4 regular rostered teachers.

We will continue to experiment, knowing that some will work, and some will not.  That’s life.

Our most popular class since it was introduced in our second ever season as ANZA WanderingYogis is our Friday Yin Yay 8.00 am.  2nd most popular is the first class we introduced, Everyday Hatha on Saturdays 8.30 am. Tying for 3rd place is our Everyday Hatha 8.30 am on Wednesdays and one of our newest classes, Tuesday Universal Yoga  8.00 am (introduced middle of 2017).  Curious about the styles then click on this link.

One arm to leg universal pose

One arm shoulder pose Universal yoga on Tuesday.

Interested in joining us?  You can register with ANZA online, or you can drop in to our classes

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