Interview with a yogini – Amy

That’s Amy on the left hand side of our feature picture. The mother of two children, wife to a scientist husband, and a media web design guru. Not to mention one of the funniest people I know.  She used to be Operations Manager for ANZA (Singapore), and joined the corporate ‘ratwheel’ about 6 months ago.

I remember the first day I met her and another ANZA staff member, Anne, for our very first practice. What a long way we have all come….

WY: Why did you take up yoga?

AMY: Originally, before ANZA yoga, it was curiosity. And then opportunity – when you first came into the ANZA office full of ideas for the new group, I wanted to be involved. I remember walking away from our second class with a very clear conviction that this was what I needed to do.

WY: What happens when you practice yoga?

AMY: When I practice yoga, calm descends. No matter what craziness is hanging around from the morning or the week that has been, when I walk through the gates on a Saturday morning I know that my mind will be reset ready to start the weekend. Initially there were many difficult aspects of the poses for me and I never enjoy not being able to do something, but over time I have learned to trust that the breakthroughs in strength and flexibility will keep coming.

WY: What sayings or attitudes do you appreciate the most?

AMY: My favorite saying in class is very simple – whenever you see that we are starting to tire, you just say ‘doing really well yogis’. It is just at that moment that you are starting to not do very well, but those words magically create a little more energy to carry on.

I also like the way that you explain some of the more abstract concepts of yoga. Some of the descriptions of the energetic concepts that I have heard in other classes have been hard for me to digest, but the way that you present them with scientific backup and objective description makes more sense to me.

I appreciate that our classes are never boring, you are always evolving the practice to suit our growing experience and drawing from different traditions of yoga to create your unique blend. The other teachers each bring something unique and I find that every time we have a new teacher I learn something new. Sometimes it is just a few words of explaining a pose in a different way that creates a breakthrough, sometimes it is a different focus or class flow that creates a new experience.


The smiling Amy on the right hand side – when it rains, we go to a nearby pergola.

WY: What do you like about the ANZA WanderingYogis?

AMY: What sets ANZA Wandering Yogis apart from the other yoga classes I’ve attended in Singapore is the sense of community, which was one of your goals from day 1. Our group includes people from throughout the ANZA community – soccer parents, the Executive and New Members Committees, running group. At our after practice coffee we share the highlights and lowlights of our weeks and plans, plus it is a great chance to pick up all sorts of wisdom, from holiday spots to dental advice to parenting gems.

I also love being outside in the gardens, there is something very special about taking in the view of the lake before we close our eyes, listening to the animals as we focus and smelling the earth as we fold in our Sun Salutations.

WY: What would you say to others thinking about taking up yoga?

AMY: Yoga benefits me in every aspect of my life. I think more clearly, I manage stress better, my posture is better, I am more flexible and I am stronger. It might be hard to start, but it isn’t hard to keep going because every time you practice you will find your focus a little easier, bend a tiny bit deeper, hold a little stronger and that feels amazing.


From left to right:  The ANZA Wanderingyogis, Michelle, Sara, Lee (founder), Amy, and the founder of the now sadly missed Riverkids project, Dale Edmonds. Riverkids was one of the organisations we supported with cash and other stuff.

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