Interview with a yogi – Katia

That is Katia at the forefront of the photo, wearing her favourite purple shirt.

Katia is the mother of two active adolescent boys, wife to a senior HR executive in a global German originated company. Before arriving in Singapore a couple of years ago, she had a thriving career in corporate communications in an international business. Currently, Katia is upgrading her Chinese language – she already speaks and writes 4 languages fluently – and volunteers with TWC2. She is also an ANZA Wanderingyogi – and one who really likes our Hatha practice. And one of our first ever yogis. Katia would prefer to live in South America, but Singapore will do for the time being…

Shoulderstand in BG

Kata is second from the front – in shoulder stand at our Saturday hatha practice.

WY: How did you end up with the ANZA WanderingYogis?

Katia: My friends recommended I do yoga, one of my dearest friends said it might calm me down. I can be a little intense when I am stressed. My sons play soccer with ANZA, so I saw the advertisement in the weekly magazine. That was the week the yoga group started. Everything came together at just the right time.

WY: What have you noticed different about yourself since you started ANZA yoga?

Katia: If I don’t do it, I don’t feel as good. I miss it. If I don’t do my swimming or other physical activities, I don’t miss it as much. My mind and body awareness has improved substantially. I am now feeling  every part of the body, so when you say something even as simple as ‘this is a hip opener’, I can now feel the hips opening. Yoga has changed the way I look at sports activities. Sports and yoga activities complement each other so well. But I think if you have limited time, and had to choose between running and yoga, for example, I would encourage people to choose yoga.


Katia 2nd from the front, in one legged pigeon pose, reverse namaste hands.

WY: That’s quite a radical view, one I agree with, but why do you say this?

Katia: If you run 10, 15 kilometres, you will get happy for sure. The endorphins are released, your heart is pumping. But yoga gets all that going, in a much easier way. And the happiness you feel goes deeper and stays longer. Plus we have so many distractions in our world, yoga helps with quieting the mind.   I am more conscious, aware, sounds magical, but is true.

WY: What do you like about practicing with the ANZA WanderingYogis?

Katia: The flexibility of the classes, you buy a season card, and I can choose which class I do 4 days a week, and now in two locations, Botanic Gardens and East Coast Park (although I practice only in Botanic Gardens, it is good to know you have a choice). And all the other yogis are not looking at you, or judging you. Everyone is very pleasant to each other, easy going and relaxed. And there is so much variation in yogis, from flexibility to strength, but I have noticed more ‘sporty’ people in the yoga group.

WY (laughing): That is because you practice hatha and many of them were not so sporty to start out, but now are.

Katia: Oh, and I really like the way you and other teachers come and adjust us from time to time. I never realized how hard Warrior 2 can be if you align your legs, hips and feet the way you are supposed to.


Katia in one of her favourite countries, Australia !!!

Meet Katia and our other WanderingYogis, click here to register for ANZA WanderingYoga.

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