2016 Year in Review – Swings and Roundabouts

My great grandmother used to describe the rolling events of life as swings and roundabouts.  We are in our first year of ANZA WanderingYogis and we just keep on getting better and better.

Why have we been so successful?

  1. Word of mouth – you tell others, and so on it goes.  For example, our yin yoga has grown from a small group of regular 4, to a regular group of 8, and somedays 10 yogis turn up!  Our Everyday Hatha yoga now has  4 – 5 yogis turning up each time!   Your recommendations grow our community.
  2. Our teachers love what they practice – and it shows in the way they guide ANZA WanderingYogis in their weekly practice.  5 times a week, in Botanic Gardens and East Coast once a week, this past year.  Our teachers are everyday awesome people, all of them with stories to tell about how they came to the mat.
  3. Outdoor studio – you either love it or you hate it  – but all of you have commented at one time or another, on the energetic difference to yoga outdoors, and wondered how you will ever go back to yoga inside a studio.

Swings and Roundabouts:

  • Expanded group of caring WanderingYogi substitute teachers We started the year with the Divine Daphne and Vivacious Vivienne and we now have the luscious Laura,  Evanescent Emily and Serene Serene helping out from time to time.  And the founding WanderingYogi, the Lovely Lee.

This group’s experience, background and overall love for the yoga they teach is what makes the ANZA WanderingYogi experience what it is.  Read more about who they are

  • Introduction of Yin Yoga on Fridays at the Botanic Gardens – tapping the need in all of us for deep stretching and meditation yoga style. Sometimes up to 12, we had to buy a larger tarpaulin!  If it keeps growing, we will be splitting it into two groups on Friday.  Bring it on, we say  – with deep peace.
  • Trial of sunset yoga  – we thought this would be great and it was until about 15 minutes before dusk.  Out came the hordes of mosquitoes and sand mites.  The yogis tried and gave it up.  We were not that dedicated to nature!!


  • Introduction of ANZA yoga into East Coast – this was really enabled by yogini, the Divine Daphne. To see if there was enough interest for a growing group of ANZA Wanderingyogis there. We have had two seasons (6 months), and it is growing slowly, but now Daphne is leaving boohoo! Newsflash! We have a replacement teacher for next season, but we need 4 people to proceed. More on this in the New Year…
  • A trial of Monday morning yoga at the Botanic Gardens was a huge success… as one door shuts, another opens.  We will continue Monday morning Yin/Yang yoga at 8.30 into the first season of 2017 as a result!


  • Goodbye to our East Coast Park Yogini, Divine Daphne – We say goodbye to the Divine Daphne as she takes up an ongoing role with Yoga Movement in Singapore…  in Singapore, if you work any time for a yoga group, you generally are not allowed to work with another brand (we don’t mind, but others do).  Wishing her all the best in her yoga journey, and when the going gets a little rough, all she needs to do is remember teaching ANZA yoga outdoors – and hold that feeling!
  • Karma Kash – 50% of our class fees (less ANZA admin) goes to a charity of our choice. Last year we did an amazing things for such a small community.  First with Riverkids and then our contributions to Dressed for Success and now Melrose Home.  We continue our Karma yoga next year.

Our last season of Karma Cash raised $1,100 for Melrose Home, a Singaporean NFP that provides support for children whose family or near relatives are unable to care or support them.

Our Year in Photos

Pictures paint a thousand words.  Here are some of you fabulous ANZA WanderingYogis in yoga action.


ANZA WanderingYogi Season – 2017

Next season commences Tuesday January 17 and finishes on Saturday 11 March.

To register click here

Practice Schedule


5 classes a week in the Botanic Gardens and 1 class at East Coast Park.  Check out the schedule here.

A new class has been introduced – Tuesday everyday hatha at the Botanic Gardens will now become a Universal style yoga class.   If you are curious about what this Universal yoga is, read this article on Andrey Lappa and Universal Yoga.

Enjoy the holiday season and see you all on the mat in 2017 and remember….



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