Interview with a Yogi – Lyn Fielding

Lyn Fielding is a mother of 3 now very grown up children, wife to one wayward husband, has a science degree in marine biology, was former systems administrator (now happily retired), and is currently one of ANZA’s registrars for the regular tours it offers members. Lyn has been a regular ANZA WanderingYogi since the first season in 2015.  I remember her in her first session,  I wasn’t sure if she really liked it, but she kept coming back.  This is her story of her path in yoga.

“Yoga certainly doesn’t look like you are doing much, but you do get a workout.”

WY: Why did you become interested in yoga?

LF: I am not sporty, and not very flexible. Was terrible at phys.ed in school. But I wanted to keep things moving. I have a mother now living in an elderly home, and saw how difficult it was for her to get around, a history of little or no exercise. I thought, I don’t want to be like that at her age. I also looked at other options like tai chi.

I tried doing yoga at home in the condo, watching videos, it just didn’t work for me. So I thought I would do it properly – with a teacher.

WF: You joined up ANZA yoga – what did you think you were getting into?

LF: I liked the idea of being outdoors. I thought it might be more relaxed. And that I would not be judged as harshly as I might be at a gym or yoga studio (laughs). I thought it might be less sweaty and smelly but I was wrong on one count (laughs again).

“When I told my family that I was joining yoga, they all looked at me a little strange and said, are you turning into a hippy?”

WY: Any other perceptions?

LF: I really had no idea of what to expect. I always feel physically tired, but mentally alert, after practice. And it is really peaceful by the lake. You hear the birds, feel the breeze.

WY: How has it helped you?

LF: I am a lot more relaxed, and I notice I don’t get as irritated. People say I’ve lost weight, I just tell them I’ve bought a new push up bra (laughs). I used to wake up with a sore back – no more.

WY: Any favourite forms of yoga?

LF: I love yin – some days, it is so peaceful, other days, all sorts of emotions well up. But I keep coming back, it always makes me think.

WY: Any advice for someone wanting to do yoga with ANZA WanderingYogis?

LF: Try it. Come with an open mind. I am not fit, but it has made me fitter. You don’t have to be perfect to do yoga. And as we get older, we all need yoga.

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yoga class - smiling hanumasana

Here is Lyn (2nd from left), practicing her Hanumasana (splits) with some of the other mob in the ANZA WanderingYogis.

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