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The Oscars, The Golden Globes have come and gone. I love seeing what people are wearing, male and female.   The latest hairstyles, the shoes.  And also a little curious – why do some stars who walk the red carpet have that glow and why?

By glow, I mean not just the make up, but a light emanating from within, regardless of how flawless or flawful their skin might be.  No age restriction, youthful dewiness is one form of glow, but I am looking at faces who just seem to shine light.

So, I did some research and below is the list of regular red carpet walkers who I consider ‘glow’.  I was surprised (and a little pleased) to notice that they all said yoga was a regular, if not core (pardon the pun), part of their wellness regime.

Who’s got that glow thang?

Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Madonna, Gisele Bundchen, and the woman responsible for introducing leg warmers to the world, Jane Fonda.


Good girl, Charlize, protecting your skin too!

The girls, like yoginis everywhere, love it, will endorse it, have their favourite styles and it does more for them than just work the muscles.


Jennifer Aniston swears by it, and is happy to publicly support her yoga teacher. Another happy yogini!

Now for the boys – Robert Downey, Jr, Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Russell Brand, Adam Levine, and of course, Sting. (How come so many gorgeous bad boys on that list?)


Robert Downey in Warrior – makes it look so easy – it ain’t.







I don’t think anyone on my list is a ‘saint’ – in fact, I would guess that they may still imbibe occasionally, and maybe more.  But life is a balance, and they seem to look like they are really enjoying it. That is what I mean by the glow. 

What are some of famous yogi secrets in preparing for ‘putting on the ritz’?


How on earth does he do it?

Well, I didn’t interview them, although, I seriously would like to ask that bloke from Maroon 5, what it took to get his hands into cow face… but here is what I found on the internet, when they were asked for diet or yogi type advice:

Drink lots of water – it has everything we need for our body. We are 2/3 water, and it influences 100% of our body processes. 2-3 liters a day, we never drink enough, and it is the most natural, energizing, refreshing mood pick me up. If every time you drink water, you do it mindfully, that is, acknowledge and thank your body for being the powerhouse that it is, that’s yoga.

Daily yoga work out15 minutes minimum in the morning,  and include the following asanas: Uttanasa (standing deep forward bend), or Pashimottasana (seated version), hold them for at least 3 minutes – I call them the no wrinkles, no pimples poses. Dr. Perricone swears by them (well not really but you get the drift).  Most of the gorgeous ones on the red carpet would do yoga for at least an hour or more. But you can work up to that.

Breathe – funny how something we do so often, we just don’t seem to do so well. Most of us would go the whole day and not notice that we have been barely breathing. We miss out on loads of energy not to mention detoxification when we don’t breathe well. Every day for one week before the big event, spend 10 minutes morning or night, doing some yogi breathing such as Nadi Shodnum or Kapalbhati (actually a shatkarma – no I am not swearing).  Or you can try the technique in our article on breathing

Massage – improves blood circulation, cheaper than a facial, and gives the whole body a glow. Once a week for the 3 weeks before the big event.

Kapal Randhra Dhouti – alright, I had to go and get something really deep out of my yoga closet. But this is the ‘bomb’ (meaning fantastic).  Yogi cleaning and massage of the head, get a few girls together, this is best done as a favour from a friend. You will be expected to return the favour, it is that mighty.

Our skin is a telling lens of our life – the fun and the misadventures, the hard work, happy and sad.

The tips from the stars (and a little from me) will help you inside and out, for that special occasion and every day.  If you need more for that glowing skin, check out this article.

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