Kissing the ground with our feet, the Wandering Yogis draw from nature and yoga traditions to nourish the body and soul.  Your personal retreat away from the demands of everyday life. Building peace, 1 hour at a time.

Explore the different practices of our yoga and find out how to join our community. From a casual drop in to a season commitment, you will always be warmly welcomed.  Morning Classes, 5 days a week, four different styles, everyday yoga for everyday people. All conveniently placed at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, near the Eco Lake.

Join our meditation community, come on retreats, or regular getaways.

As part of ANZA Singapore, the Wandering Yogis bring together a diverse group of people reflecting the spirit of our Australian heritage.

“What a way to start the day – there is something special about this yoga.” (A very happy Wandering Yogi)





WanderingYogi guides retreats, one day workshops on element of yoga practice, and courses on meditation practice.  Click here to read more…


The ANZA WanderingYogi teaching crew has grown – it is a lovely reflection of the ANZA community in Singapore.

Where are we? How much?

ANZA WanderingYoga 5 class times a week. Join our yoga group in the beautiful outdoors and find out why it feels so good to practice yoga in fresh air and chi!

The Urban Monk – Meditation Workshops

Learning to meditate is like learning to cook. While the outcome may be way more life changing, you still need a good set of basics…

Articles and Publications

A regular magazine columnist and blogger, read the Wandering Yogis musings on life, the universe and everything yoga.

Everyday Yoga, Everyday People…

Real people do yoga. And feel every pose…